Kevin Michael Gets Lost In The Crowd ‘Sometimes’

In celebration and promotion of his latest project Brainwa$h, Kevin Michael has released a new and thought-provoking visual. With "Sometimes" playing the role of lead single, although the "meditative mixtape" (as he has deemed it) was initially released in January, Kevin finds himself lost in a sea of people and asking passionately, "Is anybody out there? Does anybody feel like I feel sometimes?" As for Brainwa$h, it holds 12 strong tracks produced by the likes of Com Truise, Trapcry and REO of The SoundKillers with standout records like "Sometimes," "Gone," "Pretty Lies" and "Memory Lane." Brainwa$h is currently available via Bandcamp at a "name your own price" rate. To honor those who have supported this offering thus far, Kevin is also sharing an EP especially for "Sometimes," which will include the song and video coupled together with a special message. "Listen and watch with care," he humbly requests.

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