Morning Soul: Nothing Is So Good It Lasts Eternally

  • Usher's son, Usher Raymond V, nearly drowned at a pool in the family home after getting stuck in a drain. [CNN]
  • While the female influence in hip-hip is often overlooked, pioneers like Ana "Rockafella" Garcia continued to be ambassadors for both the genre -- and the kids inspired by it. [MAKER]
  • Claiming he's "tired of being famous for a mistake," Chris Brown announced his upcoming album, X, would be his last. [USAT
  • Solange took a break from being too mentally and physically exhausted to tour  minute to reflect on her musical success, saying she's "having the time of my life." [HP]
  • As the music world mourns the passing of George Duke, many reflected on both the diversity of his work -- and why his collaborations were so successful. [DN

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