Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh Offer Up ‘Cloudshine’

"If D'Angelo and Janis Joplin had a baby" was the tagline that greeted me when I opened up an email about Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh's collaborative effort, Cloudshine. With that type of introduction you bet I was lured in. I was also lured by the name of Miss DeVito, whose sound I had become acquainted with about a year ago when I stumbled across her debut EP The Catnip Collective and fell in love with her laid-back and soulful vibe. I missed the boat last year when DeVito and fellow Oregonian, producer/DJ Namuh came together to craft a full project of hypnotic neo-soul delights that have a bluesy vocal lean. Now I have no excuse to miss out again, as Cloudshine has been re-released and remastered. The set features the standout '80's funk party of the title track and the mesmeric opener "Should Have Known" remixed by Tall Black Guy and Tony Ozier for my catch-up listening consumption. For less than $10 you shouldn't sleep either on this effort from these stylishly talented newcomers and you can pick up your copy at the duo's joint Bandcamp spot


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