Tone Trezure Tells The Danger Of Being About That ‘Life’

Back in February, Tone Trezure had us moonstruck with her track "Luz de la Luna," lifted from her upcoming concept EP Pepper Russell: Life in Stereo. Tone gives us another taste of the concept EP, which will focus on the life of wayward young woman Pepper Russell, with "Street Life." The soulful track finds Tone once again utilizing a smooth J Dilla loop as she waxes on the dangers of living the fast life. There's something about Dilla's production and the slight rasp of Tone's voice that just seems to fit like a hand in glove. Her textured vocals over the loop illuminate the narrative as she warns that "you're dancing on quiksand." How will this fit in with the rest Pepper Russell's narrative? With no firm release date set for the EP, that remains to be seen. However, if Tone keeps putting out jams like this, rest assured that we'll be here for every chapter. Check out "Street Life" now and be sure to grab the free download while you can.


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