‘Will You Go With’ Netta Brielle?

Netta Brielle is an authentic '90's baby and her latest mixtape Will You Go with Me? paints a picture of vivid colors and oversized clothes with 2013 sensibilities. One listen to her updated covers of Mint Condition's "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)," Jade's "Don't Walk Away" and SWV's "Rain," which features vocals from Coko herself, reveal her influences but also bears the fingerprints of her very own style. The Bay Area native has combined the energetic atmosphere the region is known for, along with its legendary hustle, into a grind that's led to her deal with Atlantic Records. A glimpse into the material she's putting together for her debut album can be heard through the offerings "More to a Kiss" and the B.o.B assisted "It's the Weekend," both of which have that familiar feeling of fun but focus on lyricism and staying within the melody. Netta Brielle's Will You Go with Me? is just a snippet of what she has to offer and hopefully an indication of the winds of change in contemporary R&B.

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