Active Child & Mikky Ekko Are Far From ‘Subtle’

Active Child (aka Pat Grossi) came to my attention last year by way of Ellie Goulding's on-par re-imagining of his beautiful track "Hanging On." So it really comes as no surprise that his latest single "Subtle" is just as massive and lyrically rich, but in a sharp plot twist, he's added a little funk and old school R&B croonage into the prose. Slated for his upcoming EP Raptor, "Subtle" is pretty much far from being so as its wall-to-wall synths that ricochet with '80's brilliance. Add to that, Louisiana-bred vocalist Mikky Ekko complements Grossi's falsetto and the two evoke shades of Justin Timberlake, but to be quite honest Grossi and Ekko make vocal runs that Mr. JT would torch his fedora for. Seriously. Raptor arrives on October 22nd, but consider this a alluring taste of what is in store.


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