Is Ariana Grande A ‘Baby’ Mariah Carey?

Apparently Ariana Grande is being groomed to be the next Mariah Carey. While I think those comparisons are a little grand seeing as Mimi set the bar so high with "Vision of Love" and I have yet to hear anything from Ariana on that level, her music video for the single "Baby I" is straight out of the Mariah Carey playbook. Grande looks like she played dress up in Carey's closet in 1993 throughout, and "Baby I" is full of partying, frolicking and dancing in various locales with multi-culti friends with colorful fashion sense. It's all so Music Box era of her. One day soon I suspect that sugary sweet and innocent Ariana Grande will undergo the pop starlet transformation from brunette to blonde, flat chested to buxom and pancake booty to a rounder derriere. Then and only then will her Mariah transformation be complete.

After the bounce

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  • sickwitit

    That is how she is being marketed but you are correct that she isn't on that level.

  • Derrick

    That last sentence-yes!!!!!

    I'll be patiently awaiting Ms. Grande's "Ooooo, I'm over due/ Gimme some room/ I'm comin through" moment and it should be fun.

    & to answer the question, no.

  • FireMadeFlesh

    I've heard these comparisons too. Wasn't Leona Lewis s'pose to be "the next Mariah" like five years ago? Not hating on this chick at all, but whatever happened to letting your talent speak for itself & just doing what you do best? Any comparison to the industry legends shouldn't be something so overt & shallow; especially when your career has barely left the station.

    I know I'm sounding like the crotchety old head, but it's one thing to see/feel the influence(s) & then making them your own. I believe if comparisons are to be made, it should come [au naturel] from the listeners of your material--not manufactured by UMG, Arista or whoever you're signed to.

  • cjayconrod

    It's true that the comparisons are overblown, but you have to admit her phrasing and tone in certain registers of her voice are eerily reminiscent of Mariah.


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