Let Yuna ‘Rescue’ You

Yuna's sophomore set Nocturnal is a month and several days away from being released, but the singer isn't moving at a snail's pace when it comes to dropping new sounds from the project. After gracing us with her Robin Hannibal-produced cut, the gorgeous "Falling," Yuna puts a little zip in her step with new track "Rescue." With jubilant hand claps, thundering percussion and a piano-rock backdrop, Yuna delivers some heavy-duty positive energy that is pretty hard to ignore. Even with my dismal week, by the first couple of notes I found a smile creeping up on my face, and by the song's end I was feeling tons upon tons better. Ah, the healing power of music strikes again. So if you've found yourself down and out in relationship perils, job market fails or just feel a little glum, let Yuna put a little life in your veins with this burst of aural sunshine. 


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