Morning Soul: It’s A Special Kind Of Thing

  • Apple launched its Pandora and Spotify copycat iTunes Radio platform with stations created by celebrities and guest DJs. [MASH]
  • After months of speculation, it was confirmed Jay-Z and Beyoncé fired a longtime security guard for hiring prostitutes while on duty and using "the family's passports in a lewd act." [NYDN]
  • All The Kids Are Doing It: Comedian Stephen Colbert roasted Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West for their recent gigs for leaders of repressive governments, adding "Money talks and celebrities have excellent hearing." [THR]
  • With more than 50,000 fans expected to attend the Virgin Mobile Freefest, one would think Robin Thicke would feel right at home on its main stage -- until you look at the rest of the acts. [WP
  • Jay-Z announced plans to sell his shares in the Barclays Center, a move that will net him millions following successful bookings with his imprint. [HP]

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