R. Kelly Delivers More Of His Special Brand Of ‘Genius’

R. Kelly is back at it again with "Genius," his latest leak from Black Panties. And let me reassure you, in case you thought that the man who brought you songs like "The Zoo" and "Sex Planet" had suddenly went all academic on you, this one is also about sex. Like those songs, "Genius" finds Mr. Kelly comparing his sexual prowess with something that has nothing to do with sex. You see, the pretty thing he's romancing between the sheets has no idea that she's with Dr. Robert Kelly, Sex Genius™. "I'm a college grad/Girl, I got my degree/I'm the head of my class," he sings (I, for one, am upset I didn't know that you could go to school for that as I may have missed my calling). All jokes aside, "Genius" is R. Kelly doing what he does best: creating songs that will undoubtedly become the soundtrack for your bedroom escapades. Where "My Story" had me a bit wary of his upcoming album and "Tear It Up" was decent at best, "Genius" might actually make it into my regular rotation (most likely on my GTD playlist).


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