Trombone Shorty Is Ready For A ‘Long Weekend’

I don't know about you, but even though we here in the US just came off a three-day Labor Day weekend, I could surely use another one. And so could Trombone Shorty, it seems. "Long Weekend" is the name of the latest leak from his upcoming Say This to Say That, which drops next week. It finds the singer/multi-instrumentalist trying on a bit of a different sound that's reminiscent of early '80s funk and R&B (fitting, as the new album is co-produced by none other than retro-leaning soulster Raphael Saadiq). While a bit unexpected, it's certainly a welcome change-up as Shorty sings here more than he plays his signature trombone. But, just in case you were worried that he'd forgotten what he's best known for, he spices things up with a short but definitely sweet horn solo near the song's end. I know I'm definitely digging this sound for Shorty and looking forward to hearing what he and Saadiq have cooked up on the album, but will you? Give the track a spin and find out.


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