Turquoise Jeep Reaps A ‘Naughty’ Harvest

Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma of Turquoise Jeep fame are back at it with another hilarious video, this time for their song "Naughty Farmer." Yes, you read that right, this song is about freaky farm action, and Flynt and Humma do not disappoint. The video is nothing but body rolls, bad wigs, cheesy graphics and raunchy lyrics, and I am here for it! Their flows have also noticeably improved since their "Lemme Smang It" days, but it really wouldn't matter anyway; diehard fans love their shenanigans no matter what. You can catch the Turquoise Jeep crew on the road during their Keep The Jeep Tour for in-real-life foolishness.

After the bounce

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