Atu & Sango Spend Some ‘Time’ With Drake & Jhené Aiko

Beat makers Atu and Sango can masterfully deconstruct a song and create something even more original. The Soulection duo recently produced a beautifully executed re-edit of Drake and Jhené Aiko's "From Time" off of Nothing Was the Same. Atu and Sango strip "From Time" away from its pensive, emotional clothing and give it a sexy new outfit. More often than not repetition of the hook can be irritating, but in this case the incessant inclusion of Jhené's vocals gets more and more enticing. The duo takes it to another level when they add her screwed vocals at the four-minute mark to snap you out of a beautiful trance. Drake's trademark "ugh" is sprinkled throughout the song with enough strategically placed elements and melodies to peak your interest during the seven-minute refix.


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