‘Escape’ With Yuna

Singer/songwriter Yuna sprinkles infectious bliss into her latest single "Escape." The track, produced by Chris Braide, is from her sophomore offering Nocturnal. On "Escape," the Malaysian beauty sings about growing, moving on and being happy and all with a delicate fortitude. If you're looking for something uplifting, here it is. With the synths, beautiful melody and fearless drums, "Escape" will have you lost in your own dream sequence music video. The upbeat chorus brings you back to reality when she belts out "I'm on my way, I'll fly away/I could really use an escape." She ends the song with "cherish these moments before they're gone." Although we didn't want the song to end, we wake up and await more from the talented songstress, which will come when Yuna releases Nocturnal on October 29th. [H/T: VIBE]

After the bounce

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