J. Holiday Is ‘After’ Something

When the world was first introduced to singer J. Holiday he was trying to put us to "Bed." Now, seven years later, his M.O. hasn't strayed too far from that original goal. "After We" (the real title includes a certain four-letter word) finds the crooner in full on freak mode as he sings about sexin' his fair lady something proper. But this ain't about lovemaking, it's all about breaking beds and making her scream his name. Or, as Mr. Holiday puts it: "Baby, I love it when we touch/We can make love after we f--k." Though his choice not to mince words about what he wants is a bit frank, the song itself -- with its bedroom meets ratchet sensibilities -- is definitely a winner. This is mainly because J., who's obviously been studying the R. Kelly playbook, balances the direct message with a bit of charm and earnestness (and his falsetto doesn't hurt either). "After We" is the lead single from J. Holiday's upcoming album Guilty Conscience, which should have a November release. Throw in some headphones (unless you wanna have a weird convo with HR) and take a listen to the track below.


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