M.I.A. Is Anti-Y.O.L.O. In ‘Y.A.L.A.’

Sri Lankan/British artist M.I.A. twirls her creative wheels again to bring us new club banger "Y.A.L.A." Not a huge fan of our favorite emo rapper's motto Y.O.L.O., M.I.A. asks Drake, "Y.O.L.O.? I don't even know anymore. What that mean though? If you only live once, why we keep doing the same s**t?" In this case, the new-fangled dictum means "You Always Live Again." Her latest single serves as the perfect percussion filled soundtrack to a great party scene. Though her lyrics are a tad confusing, mentioning bananas and Polo in the same verse, the beat and her signature rapping/hollering keeps "Y.A.L.A." thumping. The track is the second single from her fourth studio album and namesake Matangi, which was recorded all over the world. As we wait for the November 5th release of Matangi, check out M.I.A.'s new single and don't forget to "Y.A.L.A."

After the bounce

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