Michael Jackson Is Still A ‘Thriller’ In Soulpersona’s Hands

Today is Halloween, and even if you have no damns to give, you can't get escape the day without listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" or watching the still epic music video at least once (and bonus points if you reenact the choreo). It's the unofficial anthem for this day dedicated to ghouls, goblins and gorging yourself on candy. The song is perfect as-is, but it's always nice to hear a new take on this old classic to switch things up a bit. Enter SoulBounce fave Soulpersona who takes the "Thriller" instrumental and adds some spice to it with his "Soulpersona Extended Instrumental Version." There's no Michael and no Vincent Price speech, but there are howling wolves and booty shaking grooves aplenty with some added keys and synths that fit in quite unobtrusively. It's hard to improve on perfection, but we appreciate what Soulpersona adds to the mix. 


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