Prince Serves Up A Sexy ‘Breakfast’

We were salivating when Prince dropped his single "Breakfast Can Wait" all the way back in February, so you can imaging how we were chomping at the bit when he teased the clip with a 30-second trailer this week. Luckily His Royal Purpleness didn't make us wait months, as he dropped the visuals for the clip today. Directed by and starring Danielle Curiel, the clip focuses on a early morning rendezvous between a couple and quickly turns into a seductively choreographed (and black leather-clad) dance led by Danielle and her beau. It's all rather fun and artsy, though not exactly what comes to mind when you first hear the song. Sadly, Prince himself doesn't actually appear in the clip (though I'm sure he was calling the shots from Paisley Park), but Danielle channels him nicely in her Prince-ly get up during the video's credits. Though it's the middle of the day, make some room for "Breakfast" right now and peep the clip.

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