This Ne-Yo & Future Collabo Is Anything But ‘Luxurious’

Who's ready for another run-of-the-mill song from an R&B singer and an overhyped hip-hop star? Well, ready or not, Ne-Yo and Future give us the collaboration that no one really asked for with Ne-Yo's latest leak "Luxurious." While the hi-hat and bass heavy groove of the track isn't necessarily offensive, pretty much everything else about it is. The song's lyrics are a misogynistic mess in which the fellas try to lure the ladies by bragging about what exactly they can spend on them...but only if they prove they're worth it by putting it on them and then answering they're every beck and call. To make matters worse, Future insists on that tortured Auto-Tuned singing he does on his verses and during his parts of the song's boastful chorus. It's all, honestly, just a bit too much. While I'm sure that the low self-esteem crowd might be intrigued by lines like "You can earn you some clothes baby from what you do naked," I'd like to think that most of the female populace is above all that. But if any of you are interested in living in the lap of that particular kind of luxury, by all means, listen to "Luxurious" right here.


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