Get ‘Gone’ With Melanie Durrant

Melanie Durrant and Slakah the Beatchild combine to good effect on the new video for their track "Gone," which premiered earlier this year. This jazz-tinged track deserves sequins, fans and satin gloves and it gets all three here. Glimpses of other dancers in white sequined dresses and tail feathers are snatched but as befits a song about being the main chick of a two-timing guy, Melanie soon steps to the forefront and assumes her rightful place as the lead attraction. Clad in a bedazzled form-fitting dress, bedecked in sparkling jewels and armed with a killer voice, Melanie really is the star you'd come to see as she sways in the spotlight. In short, this may be set in Las Vegas, but think Dreamgirls not Showgirls and you'll have the mood for this video. Let's hope Melanie is not "Gone" for too long, because this video has got us craving much more of her.

After the bounce

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