Jennifer Lopez Gets Muy Caliente In Tribute To Celia Cruz At The 2013 American Music Awards

Ten years after her death in 2003, the American Music Awards payed tribute to the late Afro-Cuban icon Celia Cruz with a performance by...Jennifer Lopez? While many found the notion quite dubious, J.Lo proved all naysayers wrong with a show stopping number that did justice to Celia's legacy and showed that when it comes to performing, J.Lo knows her way around a stage. Performing a nonstop medley of Cruz's hits, including "Quimbara," "La vida es un carnaval" and "Bemba Colorá," La Lopez whirled her way around the stage in multiple outfits as she and the dancers set the stage on fire with intricate moves. Though the screens behind her often flashed J.Lo, there was no denying that Celia's fire and passion were channeled through the pop star. Say what you will about Jennifer Lopez and her vocal abilities (or lack thereof), but there's no denying that when it's showtime, especially when paying tribute to one of the most influential Latin artists to ever do it, Jennifer does it and does it well. ¡Que viva Celia!

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