Jhené Aiko Is Having ‘The Worst’ Day Ever

Actually, in real life Jhené Aiko is having a pretty awesome day today with her EP Sail Out finally released and another song of hers finding a home on Saint Records' Saint Heron compilation album also in stores now. It's in her music video for the song "The Worst," however, where things are looking a little dicey for the petite singer.

The visuals open up with police cruisers racing to and then surrounding Aiko's unhappy home. She's seen alone in one of the house's rooms bathed in red and blue police lights coming through the blinds while she sings the somber tune about her heartless significant other before she makes a move to the kitchen where said significant other is laid out lifeless on the floor. Jhené is nonplussed as she pours herself a glass of red wine then steps over his body to get into the refrigerator to grab the ingredients for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She calmly sips her wine and eats her snack then goes about that little business of surrendering to the police.

If she wanted her man to take her out to dinner, that's all she had to say. Too bad the next person she'll be talking to is her lawyer.