Marie Dahlstrom Brings Beauty To ‘Gloom’

Christmas has come a little early than expected as little did we know that this year we were going to be blessed with not one but two EPs from one of our favorite Bounce-Worthy alumna, Marie Dahlstrom. While The Renditions was a more loving hug towards homage, Gloom is as apt as its name on musical mood alone, but consider Dahlstrom to elevate the pensive, serene moments found here with a bit of class and flair, adding intimate lyrical sketches that are laced with her rich and expressive tone to warm things up a bit. We've already been acquainted with the heartache of "My Everything" and "What's It Gonna To Be?," but these aren't the only two jewels in the crown as the Sade-esque jazzy coolness of "Floating" and her pairing with her vocal compliment Jamal Ross yet again on "I.O.T." are also worthy of attention. Provocative and immersing, Dahlstrom has crafted yet another soul search that has my undivided attention and makes me relax in the fact that the new breed of soul artists that have come up in recent years are carrying the torch quite well, with Dahlstrom being one of the brightest. To take in a sample of Gloom, check after the bounce, and if you like what you hear then scoop up the full 11-track collection over at iTunes.  

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