Nikki Jean Wants To ‘Take You Out’

Nikki Jean is back, folks. After her debut album Pennies In A Jar, Nikki took a longer than expected break. Now, she's gearing up for the release of her new project Little Yellow Different, which is coming at the top of 2014. But first, Nikki's got a little something for us with her lead single "Take You Out." And, no, she's not talking about dinner and a movie. Instead, Nikki plays a scorned lover with a rather impressive arsenal of firearms who's out to make her ex feel her pain. And for the delightfully dark visuals, we see Nikki play up her good looks and baby doll coos as she brandishes her guns in a corset and panties while her ex sits bound and gagged next to her. "Last thing you'll ever see is my .380. What? You didn't know I had a .380?" she sings. This chick has definitely got a dark side that you most likely don't wanna get on. Watch Nikki get acoustic with her extensive gun collection right here.

After the bounce



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