Prince Loses His Lady To ‘Da Bourgeoisie’

Prince keeps the musical gifts coming, and it's not even our birthday. The suddenly benevolent purple wonder took to the 3RDEYEGIRL Twitter account this morning to drop another surprise into the laps of fans. This time it was a free download of the song "Da Bourgeoisie," which is a brand spanking new live demo. On the funkdafied little ditty his prolific purpleness sings about his losing his woman to another -- woman, that is. Prince laments that he should have known this would happen since his lover was known to go undercover and dilly dally with other dames. Oops, oh my. Now all he wishes is that he had never kissed the bearded lady at the cabaret in the first place and shouts out Ray Charles. Wait...what? Who knows what any of this means, but it's Prince, and although he's half past making sense here we're not complaining about anything other than the song's abrupt end. If you're feeling this, then grab the free download while the grabbing is good; y'all know how Prince gets.

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