Snarky Puppy & Chantae Cann Wow Us With ‘Da Da ‘N Da’

When Chantae Cann's sublime "Da Da 'N Da" first blessed our ears, it was love at first listen. The dreamy, jazzy slice of soul was right up our alley here at SBHQ. So what could make it better? Chante's live rendition of the track with collaborators Snarky Puppy, of course. Taken from Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner - Volume One CD/DVD, the performance finds Chantae holding court among the Snarky Puppy crew as her beautiful voice fills the air of the performance space. Though it's simply a recording of the performance, it's easy to imagine yourself sitting in the audience and being transported as Chantae and the musicians' lush sounds lull us away from the rest of the world. As perfect as the studio version of "Da Da 'N Da" is, seeing Chantae and the crew's easy collaboration adds another layer to the track. If you haven't gotten yourself a copy of Family Dinner, then consider this your wake-up call. Add a little bit of dream-like bliss to your day and check out the video right here.

After the bounce

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