Candice Glover Has ‘Cried’ Enough

A new season of American Idol starts up in a few weeks, but before we get caught up in the search for next season's winner let's not forget about last season's winner Candice Glover. Fresh from the release of her debut single "Cried" last month, Candice releases the music video for the song and it's a very sobering affair. The black-and-white clip features Candice looking beautiful but stoic while a tumultuous scene plays out between a husband and wife. He's yelling at her to go tend to her crying baby, how he didn't want to have a child in the first place and other assorted nonsense before he flips the dinner table in a violent fit of rage. Through flashback we see the couple in happier times -- during the birth of their daughter, imagine that -- where the husband looks very happy to be a new dad. Unfortunately this Ashy Larry's true colors soon show, and the marriage takes a turn for the worse. With Candice providing an empowering soundtrack, the wife finds the strength to leave this life of marital strife behind. On its own the song, written by Jazmine Sullivan, is powerful and so is Candice's delivery, but coupled with the video it's all pretty depressing. 

After the bounce

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