Don’t Go ‘Breaking’ Aaron Camper’s ‘Heart’

GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Aaron Camper just gave us something to hold us over during the holidays -- and, no, it's not more Christmas music. Today the crooner released the video for his single "Breaking My Heart," featuring YMCMB rapper Mack Maine. Directed by Godfrey Tabarez and Matt Robertson, the video was shot between Philadelphia and Los Angeles and shows Camper getting over an ex. The Maryland-bred singer is not playing with his not-so-significant other in the song as he states, "So you can think about it girl, tell me how you like it girl, this song's for breaking my heart, yeah, thanks for breaking my heart." No thank you to broken hearts, but thank you to co-producers Cory Bold and Devine Evans (aka The Senate) and Adam Blackstone for producing this head-nodder of a track. The dark video, featuring a smoky backdrop, burning roses and Aaron rocking a fur coat and gold grill in scenes, matches the tone of the single perfectly. While Camper's ex won't be getting anymore play, we look forward to hearing the rest of Camper's album. "Breaking My Heart" is the second single to be released from the highly anticipated Madness & Megahurtz expected to drop in 2014. In the meantime, watch the video and guard your heart.

After the bounce

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