Have A Shot Of Mack Wilds’ ‘Henny’

Now that he can put GRAMMY-nominated in front of his name, it seems Mack Wilds is back to promoting the album that got him there, his debut New York: A Love Story. For "Henny," his second visual from the set, he decides to continue the story that first started in his first video, "Own It." Instead of being decorated with graffiti, however, this clip is all about #datass as Mack makes his way into a strip club as booties start shaking and moving all around. Mack doesn't seem to interested in the festivities while there with his crew (which includes Havoc of Mobb Deep fame), though. That is, until he notices the mischievous one that got away in the previous video and proceeds to make googly eyes at her the entire night and eventually getting the digits after her shift ends the next morning. Aside from that little snatch of story (bad choice of words?), the rest of the clip is Mack posturing big willie style as the ladies behind him make it clap in the latest stripper couture. All in all, it's a little typical and not exactly the most imaginative video, but his baby-faced good looks and charm do make it much more enjoyable than it should be.

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