Ladi6’s ‘Diamonds’ Provide Food For Thought

A sexy, modern couple serve as caricatures of Ladi6's lyrics in her latest video for "Diamonds." Directors Ralph Mathews and Clair Littler play on the meaning of the song by pushing past the question "what if we were to sacrifice our freedom for freedom?" to "let's see what happens when we sacrifice our freedom for freedom!" The couple's actions manifest the need for control over their lives while exemplifying what I imagine is the intimate discovery/decision process of Bonnie and Clyde. The couple engage in petty theft just to try "danger" on for size. This video is less like a music video and more like a short film. There is a mysterious man watching the couple as they steal, flirt with a snake, embrace, drink wine and feel the power of a gun in their hands. The most intriguing part of the video was watching the way holding the guns transitioned their body language from fear to confidence. It is obvious by the way they are handling and staring at the weapons that this idea of being armed is new. The power that a weapon gives to a mission allows for logic to become entangled with need. The mysterious observer reveals his purpose as the big heist is underway. It is unclear whether they robbed a bank or held up a store, yet the mystery man fires at them killing the woman. This image leaves me puzzled a bit. The mystery man could represent aspects of government, politics and law enforcement. The red mask over the man's face absent the woman's face could represent male dominance or what's considered the usual suspect. The beauty of art is that you are allowed to choose. Ladi6 has a way of serving you a palette of color-filled illusions on a plate and letting you walk away with the picture that resonates with you most.

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