Lauryn Hill Reveals The Inner Workings Of ‘Consumerism’

Lauryn Hill's not letting any dust settle under her feet after being released from her jail stint for tax evasion. The former Fugee has already performed a few shows in New York (and to rave reviews, no less) since her release and now she's giving us a visual treat in the form of a lyric video for her post-prison single "Consumerism." While I initially found that Lauryn's message was lost in her breakneck flow over the track, seeing the lyrics spelled out here definitely helps to understand some of the points that Ms. Hill is trying to make in the song. As well, the imagery chosen to serve as the backdrop for the words (flashes of riots, uprisings, protests, jewelry stores and mass consumption of goods are all at play here) drives home her point that the world is drowning in a sea of, well, consumerism. As great as it is, though, I wish that it didn't take a lyric video for me to really get a feel for the lyrics. Lauryn's delivered similarly thoughtful messages in a much more nuanced way in the past. Here's hoping that she'll find a way to do so again in the future.

After the bounce



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