Watch How R. Kelly’s ‘Cookie’ Crumbles

R. Kelly's Black Panties was unleashed on the world (for better or worse) yesterday, but not without a few glitches in the process. Black Twitter pretty much dragged him for filth after his #AskRKelly hashtag went horribly awry as folks called into question his dubious sexual history, especially when it came to his alleged (read: actual and factual) penchant for underage girls. Then, as if to add fuel to the fire, he dropped the sexually-charged video for his song "Cookie." The clip for the song, which I deemed one of the "unsexiest songs about sex ever," is exactly what you'd expect based on the perverse lyrics about how he "loves to lick the middle like an Oreo" (I'm sure Nabisco isn't pleased with that reference). In it, he plays a sort of deviant Jay Gatsby, surrounded by scantily clad women at his beck and call to do whatever freaky things he asks, including one lucky lady who gets to take a milk bath for Kellz' enjoyment while he dunks -- you guessed it -- Oreo cookies into it like a jubilant five-year-old. But Kelly knows his audience, and if his "Cookie" is your flavor, then you'll surely eat this (definitely NSFW) video up.

After the bounce

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