‘Now There Is’ Another Reason To Love Jazzanova


It's been almost six years since German DJ/production outfit  Jazzanova dropped their faultless Of All The Things. Although we had 2012's stellar live project, Funkhaus Studio Sessions, and a couple of singles to tide us over, we are definitely ready for new material from the purveyors of soul, house, funk and jazz. Well we might be in luck as the group have just posted snippets from a new 10" single, "Now There Is We," on their SoundCloud page and the track once again sees them teaming up with the soulful tones of Paul Randolph, a mainstay in the group since Of All The Things. The soulful house/pop hybrid plays to the bands strengths with its uplifting lyrics, a catchy hook and an irresistibly deep bassline that demands repeat spins.

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