BOOMscat Just Called To Say ‘Hey’

BOOMscat On Red Couch

Rising soul duo BOOMscat have a little something smooth and sexy to offer up and you totally don’t want to miss out on it. The Washington, DC native Queens of “Peace and Body Roll” have unleashed a brand new EP that highlights their best features as they conquer original material in a live setting. The West Wing Project Live EP brings music lovers into an intimate listening space as Jennifer Patience Rowe and Asha Santee break it all the way down on this seven-track ride. One of the strongest moments of this sensual release comes along during the eight-minute long number entitled “Hey,” where the duo go from accosting a possible love interest to uttering a familiar line from Usher’s Confessions groove “Can U Handle It?” With Asha handling the instrumentation (“boom”) and Jennifer’s finessing vocals (“scat”), these two have conjured up quite a soulful and alluring combination that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Feel free to head over to their Bandcamp page to see just what you have been missing.

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