Durand Bernarr’s ‘Happy’ Makes Us Smile

Durand Bernarr Happy Cover

Though we loved "Happy" from the very first note, who would've thought that Pharrell's Despicable Me 2 song would have this kind of life. It went from being a slightly obscure release from the summer to an Academy Award-nominated jam that everyone and their mama (from LA to Tunisia) is covering and making videos for. Now we can add indie singer Durand Bernarr to that great number. He takes the soul and spirit of the upbeat and uplifting song and puts his own spin, re-casting all of the vocals with his own. The result is a churched-up version of the song, with Durand showcasing his golden pipes and showing the possibilities of the track with a stronger vocalist at the helm (no offense to Pharrell). The additional ad-libs that Durand adds make for an interesting and inspired version of the already stellar track, adding layers and texture. After this exceptional take, who do you think will be next in covering "Happy"? We at SBHQ can't help but wonder what someone like CeeLo Green could bring to this track. While we make our lists, take a listen to Durand's version right now. Your ears will be happy you did.

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