JUCE Want To ‘Call You Out’


Busting out of London comes JUCE, a far from bashful trio comprised of friends Georgia, Chalin and Cherish whom have my undivided attention at current with their revival girl band sound. From out of nowhere these ladies have come sounding like California darlings Haim but with the soulful edge that puts them into Kelis-sippin'-on- "Sugar Honey Ice Tea" territory, especially as far as their debut single "Call You Out" goes. Oh, and it bears repeating over and over that "Call You Out" is a gem of a track, with bubbling basslines and percussion, plus spunky lyrics that recall the '90s girl group era to a crazy, sexy and cool tee. Not much is out there about this trio at the moment, but you bet I'll be keeping tabs on them by cyber stalking their Facebook and SoundCloud spots to see what's new and I bet you will too once you get a sip of their brew. 

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