Mariah Carey Continues To Express Devotion On ‘You’re Mine’


With her plastic fruit single "You're Mine (Eternal)," Mariah Carey has made a ripple into our consciousness again, and she continues to keep things on an even plateau of safe with its accompanying visual. Never one to shy away from mixing fairy tale fodder in with a little erotica, Carey plays like the Little Mermaid as she roams and croons around a liquid hideaway in the glittery "buff." It's all very standard as the key ingredients of what makes a Carey ballad's video are present, you know, lots of water, glitter, dreamy gazes into the camera and hair tossing. The inclusion of "You're Mine" remix co-hort Trey Songz in snippets proves a little puzzling as he's offshore in a photo studio, but since the remix video will arrive on Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day, maybe more light will be shed on why his shirtless self is even in this one. Yes, ladies and gents, Songz is shirtless, and while he might get some of y'all hot, he doesn't brew my cup of chamomile tea so his inclusion leaves me with more questions than answers.

As a long-time Mariah Carey fan, I'm just getting a wee bit tired of this blasé string of singles and visuals Carey has been sprinkling here and there and sad to say, "You're Mine (Eternal)" and its video, while pretty, is beauty without substance. Maybe all that Carey does as of recent is brand new and exciting for some people, but if I wanted to see Carey being dreamy and idle, I can look no further than videos for "My All" and "Always Be My Baby" to see the same thing, but with more captivating results.

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