Stevie Wonder Puts In ‘Work’ For The Beatles

Stevie Beatles Maroon

Fifty years ago, a young English group calling themselves The Beatles touched down on American soil and played on The Ed Sullivan Show. Afterward, modern music would never be the same. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic moment, the GRAMMYs pulled together a star-studded tribute to the legendary group with artists from multiple genres paying their respects. While many of the artists paying tribute were high profile, perhaps none was more revered than another legend, the one and only Stevie Wonder. He took to the stage with Beatle's track "We Can Work It Out." Infusing the tune with his own brand of psychedelic soul, Mr. Wonder worked it on out on the keys, with the entire audience singing along with him by song's end. Unfortunately, we can only bring you a brief glimpse of the performance, but after you take a peek at Stevie's performance, you can check out clips and interviews from the show at CBS' website.

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