Turn Up & ‘Lose Yourself’ With Major Lazer


You have no choice but to “Lose Yourself” in Major Lazer’s new track. The electronic dancehall project created by DJ and producer extraordinaire Diplo, is hypnotizing. Fresh off of a collaboration with Pharrell, Major Lazer can't be bothered to take a breather and chill, so instead they delivered this perfect reggae and dance mash-up. You really don’t need anything else with this track but a tropical cocktail and some glow sticks to throw around during this high frequency party. Featuring guest vocals from dancehall duo RDX and producer Moska, the perfectly titled “Lose Yourself” is a festive track that will exceed the expectations of both dancehall and dance fans. If you can’t get enough, Major Lazer offers more in the form of their upcoming EP Apocalypse Soon, which drops February 25th. Do yourself a favor and follow the repeated instructions in the song to "turn us up" and of course "lose yourself."

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