Elle Varner’s Got A ‘Cold Case’ For Us To Solve

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Looks like Elle Varner is getting ready to go into full-fledged promotion of her upcoming sophomore project, Four Letter Word. And where Perfectly Imperfect was a mostly happy-go-lucky affair, Four Letter Word seems to be exploring the downsides of love a bit more deeply. At least, that's the feeling we get when listening to the latest release from the set, the slightly dark "Cold Case." It seems Elle is a bit more jaded (and salty-tongued) than the lovestruck girl we met on songs like "Only Wanna Give It to You" and "Refill." Instead, this Elle sings about a man who went and changed on her a bit too fast for her liking and is now out creeping on our girl. What went wrong? Elle's not sure, but she's determined to figure out the mystery. Packing a bumping bass beat that's sure to make your head nod and ominous production, Elle gets down to business to solve the case of her broken heart. While a departure from our first introduction to the singer, "Cold Case" is an interesting and intriguing turn for the singer. We'll see what else she has in store when Four Letter Word drops this year.