Got A D’Angelo ‘Jonz’? We Have Just The ‘Thing’

D'Angelo Couch

In case you haven't heard, D'Angelo is reissuing his Live at the Jazz Cafe, London fairly soon, calling the now-11-song set Live at the Jazz Cafe, London: The Complete Show. To stir up interest, new tracks recorded during the September 1995 set have been leaking all over the place. First was "I'm Glad You're Mine," and now we have not one, but two other tracks: a cover of The Ohio Players' "Sweet Sticky Thing" and Brown Sugar album track "Jonz in My Bonz."

D's cover of "Sweet Sticky Thing" is pretty much short, to the point and pretty faithful to the original (and supported by none other than Angie Stone on backing vocals).  A different approach, however, is taken for "Jonz." Speeding the tempo up just a hair in the beginning, the live setting and backgrounds add a warmth that makes this take a bit more memorable than the studio version. But the track is quickly slowed once again, showcasing just how much a difference a tempo change can change the feel of a track. Whichever half of the song is your favorite, be it the warmth of the sped-up take or the languid cool of the slowed version, each is a treat unto itself. Listen to both "Sweet Sticky Thing" and "Jonz in My Bonz" here and make space in your collection for Live at the Jazz Cafe, London: The Complete Show, which drops on March 25th.

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