Jaded Inc. Invite You To Lounge On Their ‘Coconut Sofa’

Jaded Inc Sofa Still

Mayer Hawthorne is a pretty busy man. Aside from releasing his Where Does This Door Go? last year (the tour for which just wrapped up not too long ago), the crooner also unveiled work from his group with producer Jake One, otherwise known as Tuxedo. And now we've got new music from yet another one of Mayer's side projects, this time a collaboration with producer 14KT that the two are calling Jaded Inc. The group's first single is the quirkily-titled "Coconut Sofa" and the pair revealed the track via lyric video. As the lyrics to the song play out in tattoos all over the faceless bodies of the video, the song's merging of '80s New Wave pop with slight traces of '90s bass music and Mayer doing his best impression of Adam Ant takes listeners through a tale of loveless lust and one night stands (and quite possibly date rape, if we're listening to the lyrics correctly). "Coconut Sofa" is the first release from Jaded Inc.'s upcoming album The Big Knock, which is  available for pre-order now on iTunes and will drop on June 17th. Get into the creative lyrics and visuals for "Coconut Sofa" right here.

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