The SoulBounce Q&A: Erica Campbell Speaks On Getting ‘Help’ & Stepping Out On Her Own


SB: So we’re now just a few episodes into the third season of the hit WE tv series Mary Mary that follows you and your sister through life’s ups and downs. This season seems to hold a bit more downs than anyone could expect. If you could go back and change or hold back anything that was included on the show this season, what would it be?

EC: I just wish the year wasn’t as crazy as it was, but Tina and I are always committed to telling the truth. If I could take it back I wouldn’t have lost my father or she wouldn’t have found out that her husband cheated, you know? I wish none of that happened. I wish we hadn’t of had issues with management. But it was the life that we had, and I think that this season gives total validity to what my sister and I sing. We sing songs like “can’t give up now” and “in the morning you’ll be alright” and “I gotta get myself together ‘cause I got some place to go.” All these songs lend their selves to somebody who has gone through but wont stay in the trial forever. I believe that we’ll all come out and that we won’t stay broken, bruised and battered forever. But you have to have the right mindset and the right attitude in trying to come out. So this season we truly believed that God would do what he said he would do. He’ll take care of me. He will protect me. He is my comforter, my keeper and my friend. So even though while we were filming we didn’t have results and answers, we believed that they were coming. I don’t want to give it away, but watch the whole season. Things do turn around.

SB: With all that has happened in the past year of your life, where do you turn to be uplifted? What have you found makes you most happy?

EC: Music is still an incredible source of strength for me. And in addition to that, my family. Just being around my sisters, my cousins, my kids. They are my strength. I feel like my life is full and robust when everybody is here. Not only that, I’m blessed to have incredible in-laws. Who has that? I’m grateful that I’m blessed all around. It gives me strength to do what I do in those moments when I’m out on the road now by myself and I’m feeling lonely. I know that I have something to come back to. I’m a singer, but I am more a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a cousin. So it gives me a different kind of strength when I do what I do.

SB: After all is said and done, the album is released and this season of the show has ended, what do you think is most important for people to take away from it all?

EC: That love wins. Love wins in family. Love wins in relationships. That hard work and dedication pay off. That you can live anything down, my Mom says that all of the time. You don’t have to be defined by whatever problem or issue that you have. I hope that families understand the power of their strength and being together and coming to the aid of a family member that is going through.

SB: What’s next? Can we expect another batch of jams from Mary Mary or a sophomore album from Erica Campbell?

EC: Well I’m gonna work the mess out of this record this year. I have a few shows and there are still some Mary Mary shows in between. My children’s book is coming out. My Erica Campbell luxury hairline is coming out this year and so much more.

Erica Campbell’s solo debut album, Help, is available in stores on Tuesday, March 25th.

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