Blitz The Ambassador Honors His Hometown In ‘Make You No Forget’ With Seun Kuti


Ghanaian-born, Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Blitz the Ambassador brings us a funky new video for the song "Make You No Forget" featuring Seun Kuti, son of afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. The song is an anthem for Blitz’s West African upbringing blending highlife guitars, hip-hop drums and, of course, the infectious tempo of afrobeat. In the video, Blitz and a dope Ghanaian BMX crew known as the Flat Land Boys take us on a fun and colorful bike ride through James Town, Accra City. The video is fun and upbeat, perfectly suiting the track’s vibe.

Internationally known and a proud global citizen, Blitz uses his music and energetic live performances to reach audiences in all corners of the world. Even during his many days of traveling and living among different cultures, Blitz makes it known in “Make You No Forget” that he can never forget where he comes from and will always make sure to return home.

Currently, Blitz is preparing to release his highly anticipated album Afropolitan Dreams, which continues the story of his immigrant experience that began in his previous album, Native Sun. On Afropolitan Dreams, Blitz reminisces on his journey to find a new home in New York after leaving Ghana. He also learns how to navigate two different cultures, which is evident in the album’s first single “African in New York.” Through this journey Blitz uses soul, funk, highlife, afrobeat and hip hop, to bridge the musical parallels within the African Diaspora. Peep the video below, and be on the look out for Afropolitan Dreams on April 28th on iTunes.

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