Bounce-Worthy: Jackie Venson


Jackie Venson has made numerous claims.  She's a multi-instrumentalist as she shreds on guitars and tickles the ebony n' ivories. She's an alumni of the esteemed Berklee School of Music (though she doesn't like to brag) and has honed her skills there in the subjects of composition and studio production. Oh, and it is scientifically proven she can sleep and rock at the same time. Most people can't back up their boast, but Venson is a very different case. Sounding as if Meshell Ndegeocello and Ledisi met for drinks while catching Alice Smith live during one feisty girls night out, Venson brings that kind of raw energy, class and rhythm to her music as she keeps on a steady quest to remodel blues for a new generation.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Venson further proves her endurance on her latest set, The Light In Me, which bursts with traditional blues aesthetics but upholds melodic soul for a rich blend that is tailor-fit for her spunky and witty style. As a fellow South Texan myself, she's pretty much kinfolk as she's knows that everything is in fact bigger here, and her sound reflects it in pounds as numbers such as the pew-stomping "Always Free," horn-peppered sway of "Best For Last" and her single "The Love I Give," are bold and infallible entries. And if it's subdued that you want, then Venson can whisper loving poetics this side of  "Beauty Of Your Love" and the cushy acoustic title track to place you in the calm of her storm.

Though there are many vibrant voices that come our way daily, a lot don't get to stand on a table and shout out loud, but Venson, on the other hand, has the boisterous attitude as well as the creative drive to create tunes her way without bending to any so-called rules, and those elements will spark and have her elbow her way to the front of the line without a misstep. Okay, alright, so it may seem that I'm showing a bit of regional bias, but once you lend an ear to Ms. Venson (as well as the bevy of tunes  present on her SoundCloud spot) you will feel the earth quake from under your feet.

Jackie Venson [Official][Twitter][SoundCloud]

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