Elle Varner Goes ‘All’ The Way In

Elle Varner In All Black - Loss

California-bred belle Elle Varner is continuing to prove that she’s not holding a thing back with her forthcoming sophomore album, 4 Letter Word. Slowly unloading gems like “Cold Case,” “Little Do You Know” and “See Me Tonight” over the past few weeks, Elle has introduced her fans to her newfound dark side and heavier sound. This week, it got even more real when she whipped out the latest record, explicitly entitled “F**k It All.” She’s clearly fed up and lets it be known by singing as many four letter words as she can find while downing an Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine. There’s no telling how she went from wailing “Refill” to reaching this breaking point, but this new album is sounding like it’ll be filled with her best work yet.

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