Kelela & Tink Have Exactly What You ‘Want’


It's no secret around these parts that we think that Kelela is the next big thing in R&B. As if her previous efforts didn't prove that point, we now have another reason for you to keep the rising alt-R&B star on your radar. Collaborating with Chicago native and fellow up-and-comer Tink and DJ Dahi, Kelela participated in adidas originals and Yours Truly's #SongsFromScratch series, which places artists together to craft original songs from start to finish. The result of the session between the three is the sultry "Want It." The song finds Kelela and Tink trading vocals over an atmospheric groove that's at once minimal yet bubbling over with sensuality. As the two set their sites on a lover that obviously wants them just as much, the ladies voices harmonize and blend ever so nicely over DJ Dahi's groove, and then the sentiment is even further divulged by a hot 16 from Tink, where she breaks her feelings down succinctly and to the point, leaving no doubt of what exactly she wants. Intrigued? Take a listen to "Want It" right here and peep the accompanying video documenting the track's creation.

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