Kwabs Always Does ‘Something Right’


Kwabs continues to fill our plates with another musical morsel on the new song "Something Right" that debuted today on SoundCloud. This is the second helping that we've gotten from the upcoming EP, Pray For Love, after hearing the title track last month, and it's equally as phenomenal. On the track, Kwabs sings a powerful song of not giving up and wanting to do "Something Right." This is more than ear candy, this is a full meal with Kwabs' rich voice reaching into the depths of our souls on the electrifying SOHN production.

The Pray For Love EP has gotten a slight push back on the release date and will now be dropping on May 20th. That's only a couple weeks past the original release date and we're appreciative of these soulful snacks, but Kwabs and that voice have us hungry for more.

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