Kwabs Shows Us How To ‘Pray For Love’


We've already fallen hard for Kwabs, and the more we hear, the more we love. Now that he's making music videos to accompany his tunes, we have another medium through which to appreciate this stunning vocalist and find a deeper connection to his music through interpretations of his visuals. The latest music video is another visual feast of riches for the single "Pray For Love."

The video begins with scenes of various rooms in a house. The furnishings and decor are a tad old fashioned, so we can see that the clip is set in a bygone time period. We're then greeted by two children -- a pre-teen lad and his younger sister -- who are standing in the foyer with suitcases in hand. They appear to be moving into this old, cold residence and are somber at first, but they soon warm up to their surroundings and start having childlike fun as kids are wont to do. We then see Kwabs in profile in another room of the same house and he sings with his arms wrapped tightly around his body. The video continues alternating between scenes of the children and Kwabs before ending with a plume of smoke traveling through the house and overtaking everyone. It's a curious ending to an already emotive set of visuals.



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