MNEK Has More ‘Words’ To Say Thanks To Joe Goddard


It was only days ago that MNEK released the video for “Every Little Word.” Though the song is most definitely funky — in a retro throwback (or retro throw-forward), space-age kind of way — who knew it still had the potential to get even funkier?

Joe Goddard of British band Hot Chipwho is no stranger to remix projects — has added his touch to “Every Little Word.” His rendition gives the original a bit more bounce, turning it from a sort-of-danceable cut to an instantly groovable number that’s at once dance floor-ready, as well as razor sharp with cutting edge. Listen closely and the melody might sound like a cross between Frankie Smith’s gibberish-filled “Double Dutch Bus” and Boris Dlugosch’s house hit “Hold Your Head Up High.”

“Every Little Word” may have already been refixed, but Goddard’s mix proves that there’s still fun to be found in what seems to be becoming MNEK’s signature song.

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